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backer from the start but I have not put much time into the game, I would like to change that.


looking to join a guild for next campaign.

I have yet to take the game in a serious matter so I have not leveled past 6, A lot will need to be explained but I'm a quick learner.

I started with shadowbane as my first MMO some of my char names were refuse, deviant, dajjal, tumbledried and lVlatrix

since then I played many MMO EQ,EQ2,WOW,DAOC,WS,AA,rift prob all of em. shoot me a message if you want more info

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You should be using the Looking for Guild thread at the top of the page, or start putting in applications to guilds you are interested in.
I occasionally go through the LFG thread and it seems like people get snapped up pretty quickly.

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added more


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if you want a guild take a gander at the active guild threads, if you want to be chaos CC and FoE are your best options, for balance the only guild i can recommend is FOEX, the other 2 big guilds for balance are really only recruiting known good players, for order there's TRA, GD, and mine ExR.  @AspectOfWisdom this applies to you too


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