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You are my last hope help me!

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 T_T You are my last hope help me! T_T
I cannot change the alliance of my character.Im nubeeman and im first loock thats game and dont understand about alliance my all friend gameng ORDER alliance plz reset my account I dont refresh my alliance.Only BALLANCE i have....
Maybe this is a bug, but after the completion of one company and at the beginning of another, I cannot choose another alliance ....

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Are you in God's Reach, or in the EU campaign?

Once you join a faction, you can't change for the length of the campaign. This is so that people can't change factions if their chosen faction is losing. 

If you delete your character and create a new one, it might allow you to re-select your faction. I'm not sure on that. Otherwise, you'll probably need to wait until the campaign ends (assuming that is where you are having the issue). The other option would be to join the NA campaign when that goes online later today, and then you and your friends can all join the same faction in that campaign.

In the future, there will be campaigns that aren't faction based, but rather guild based, so this issue won't exist for those campaigns.

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