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First Trial of Illara war story

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Phr00t, a confessor, and my self, a duelist, went out early on the trial of Illara EU [balance side] to get a get a head start for the launch of the NA campaign today. 
After killing some of the higher rank war tribes to get an idea of what they drop, we decided to check out the enemy adventure parcel.

Within minutes we found ourselves in multiple skirmishes with smaller groups of players, praying on people who had already been damaged by the war tribes.
After about 15 minutes we ran into a group of about five Chaos players who had just finished clearing out a camp and we decided to engage, the fight went a little longer then our other fights and we ended up near a nearby rune gate. as Phr00t and I were nearly finished killing these Chaos players, a group of Order players warped through the rune gate and started to engage.

Phr00t and i secured the killing blows on the prior group but our health was low and we were outnumbered. being a duelist i easily slipped away which left Phr00t with four decently geared players chasing after him. We did our best to peal away from the enemies and run however the Order group had a myrmidon who would chain pull Phr00t any time he got a decent amount of distance between himself and the Order group. At this point i had almost given up at making it out with phr00t being alive so i was just sitting up on a perch watching him try to get away. he was running toward the edge of the map and i guessed he was going to throw himself off the map rather than let the Order group have the satisfaction of killing him. However right as he got to the edge he turned around and used his confessor knock up. i saw four enemy silhouettes go flying in the air, 3 of which sank behind the ledge, falling to their deaths. one landing right between phr00t and myself needless to say we both pounced on him and finished him off.

We finished off the morning run with 15 confirmed kills on the score board making it an excellent first day of the campaign.

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I only like stories where @Phr00t dies. 

Excellent story till the end!  

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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Following this fight, we ran into some NA friends @Vanboozled and co., about 5 of them farming R10 Spiders. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, BenQ and I jumped down and started the fight. 
We cleared out a duelist and a templar early on, and eventually through good peels, and undoubtedly a lot of help from the spiders, finished up all 5 of them. However, the spiders didn't take kindly to any encroaching into their territory and eliminated us before we could leave their turf.

But this is just where the fun was starting...

It seems both Chaos and us Balance had a very short crow-run. We resurrected, and found ourselves surrounded by 4 of the same players we just fought. Except with one minor detail different: All of us had death shroud.

What entailed was a battle for the ages, both sides doing damage to each other by the dozens. Damage numbers nearing the hundreds showed up, hitting each other with the equivalent of a wet hunger shard, but eventually the battlefield was scattered again with the cairns of our foes. The last Templar chose to throw himself down to the mercy of the spiders, rather than to incur the wrath of the Gods' shroud once again.

We few, we impotent few, fought valiantly on both sides, regardless of the shroud of Damocles over our heads, and won't forget the valor shown this day.


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Following finishing up at the wartribe camps I ventured to the valley of trepidation to meet fellow guild members farming efficiently naked an under leveled on r9 undeads. As I leaped off the massive cliff to join my comrades I landed quite hard, to the effect of 3k damage.

Unknowingly did I know that 2 stealth balance was waiting for me to take the hit and quickly engaged me from behind. As I ran to catch up with the group, I managed to make it just close enough for the 2 balance to realize they have made a big mistake.

As my 5 naked fellow guild members using sticks an stones turned on phr00t an friend to defend my honor.

With level disadvantage and wooden weapons at there disposal they fought fiercely against the 2 opportunistic adversaries, one by one the sticks from my fellow guild members started to break. With a last ditch effort the chaos guildees was losing hope, they decided to go bare knuckles and finished what they had started. Disposing of phr00t and BenQ. With broken wooden weapons in hand and tattered naked tunics they walked with their heads held high this day. 


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