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GDC 2019: Designing Path of Exile

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There are many parallels to be drawn between Path of Exile's leagues and Crowfall's campaign resets. Chris Wilson explains how his dev team has achieved long term success via their league system in this video. Chances are CF devs have already watched Chris's presentation or maybe even attended the conference but just in case I figured i'd pass it along. Apologies if this has been posted before, I did a search and found nothing. 


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Interesting presentation, some good info about how the PoE team refined their content delivery process. Not everything applies to Crowfall (pvp mmo vs pve arpg) but there were some good takeaways:

- Provide opportunites for players to re-engage with the game after a break

- Economy reset/fresh starts are important for bringing players back

- Create a predictable schedule for new content delivery

- Be careful about when major balance patches are applied - changing metas is good if timing is right, negating someones current build is bad.

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