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FPS increase, important read

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Hey guys, I wanted to share something with you that really helped me out. I'm running a GTX 1050 by EVGA and I have had FPS issues with this game. I would normally float around 25-40 FPS, but at times during PVP I would drop really low like 18 FPS.

I installed "MSI Afterburner" and without even doing any actual overclocking my FPS instantly jumped 15 FPS. After actually doing some overclocking using it I managed to squeeze another 5-10 FPS. 

My average is now 45 FPS, I have not dropped below 30 and I see it sometimes as high as 70 FPS.

The performance increase for me is shocking, hence why I felt it necessary to share this with you. I am not sure if you will get the same results as me but if you are struggling with FPS drops I highly recommend you try it, especially if you are using a older video card.

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5.9 release with the character controller will change some things. Hopefully we not only get better speeds but also vastly improved volume of players that can be at a siege.

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