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Revamp discipline drops, gold drops – Introduce Sweat

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I’m under the impression that farming mobs for gold and disciplines lacks the element of fun. Farming is mindlessly repetitive and without any of the thrill you get from player vs player action.

My first suggestion is to replace rare discipline drops and non-player vendors selling disciplines to a new crafting specialization. Instead of farming disciplines from mobs with a low drop rate, you would farm discipline reagents with a varied drop rate with low rank mobs dropping common reagents and higher tier mobs dropping common reagents and blue, green, and purple reagents. You would take those reagents and craft the various disciplines.

My second suggestion is to completely remove gold from the game. Bring back the barter system that was part of the original vision of Crowfall. Now that disciplines can be crafted there’s no need to have non-player vendors selling low tier loot. Let player crafters create intermediate items to barter. Instead of having zombies and warbands drop gold, give them a greater chance to drop extra etheric dust.

My third suggestion is to introduce a resource called sweat. Sweat is gathered from every activity and is used to upgrade guard posts from low rank guards costing little sweat to high rank guards costing extra sweat. This would give groups a chance to coordinate vital guard locations before the siege window opens. You would be able to add additional skills that boosts harvesting sweat.

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