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Arbiter Cleric Suggestions

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I know I'm taking it from another game via WoW, but having ourselves an offbranded healer/CCer/DPSer could work. A tad like the Disc priest where their atonement buff allows damage they do to also heal allies. Perhaps instead of doing this with damage, mitigate it around other options. Such as cleansing allies heals them, stunning enemies heals allies for a bit. Make it's heals low, but everything it does just give a little of the edge back so that they are taken in as a CC support that just keeps on giving. Healers focus to keep them up to make their own lives easier, the Arb's keep CC on enemies to lower damage output on their buds, and overall works well in formed groups. By itself I don't think an Arb should be able to 1v1 and DPS class and win, but 2v2 due to how healing output works, it keeps getting better with each +1 ally with the right amount of teamwork.
But I'm still new to the spec, and playing around with it, so we'll see.

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On 4/25/2019 at 10:25 PM, miraluna said:

I really think that Arbiter should be designed as the support promotion not the CC promotion (vs Crusader as the healing promotion). Focusing it all around CC in a pvp-focused game where CC has to be limited seems weird.

A great addition to Arbiter would be something like "Purgative" cleanse from Field Surgeon. https://malekai.org/powers/purgative

Add more support type things that are NOT heals, and NOT CC.

I agree to having the Arbiter as support and dont make it a more prime healer, it’s ok as it is atm. Im playing it as an offhealer and with epic gear im at 1800 sp. Offcuz not as good as the crusader.But The arbiter fits in nicely in your group setup and makes cc a factor.

I would like that all cc is effecting 5 players - Including illuminate. The support wish is directed towards a group based shield either as a hp shield or a one hit shield - just to make the class unique and supportive in a other way than healing. Well a slight increase in cc wouldnt hurt either -  but probably to powerful 😁

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