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Guild Cooperation Project: Community Videos

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inspired by the awesome community made Crowfall videos, we are excited to announce a project that we want to run together with you, our Community!



Guild Cooperation Project: Community Videos

We invite you and your guild to participate in a mutual project to create Crowfall videos, featuring ruthless battles, exciting sieges, thrilling duels, and other elements of the Crowfall experience. In this project, two or more guilds will be invited to stage several scenarios on the Test Server on a weekend, while the Travian Games marketing team captures the scenes from different angles using a special marketing camera. The coordination will take place in a voice channel on Discord. The scenes will be scripted, meaning that every character has a role to play, resulting in dynamic videos featuring you and your guilds.

Our first run shall be an experiment involving a small number of participants. Please bear in mind that we will capture on Test in a pre-alpha build, so technical challenges are to be expected. We kindly ask for your patience and support in advance, to be able to solve these issues as they occur.

And if the results are good, why not repeat it with more guilds or even make it a whole series? Are you willing to take part? Keep reading.


Who are we looking for?

For the first run, we invite you to apply for this project if:

  • You are a guild leader or guild representative
  • You have a good knowledge of the Crowfall game mechanics
  • You can bring at least 5 or more members who are willing to participate in this project
  • Your level of English allows you to take part in our voice chat on Discord while we do the video capturing
  • You are willing to help to coordinate your group to make sure every member follows the script


Can you say “Yes” to all of the above? Then hit the button below!



What will happen next?

  • All applications will be reviewed by the 5th of May
  • If your guild gets elected, we will invite you and your guildmates to a Discord group made for this purpose only
  • Time and date of the session will be defined
  • You'll get a script explaining the roles for the guilds and characters and the different scenes we want to capture on this first session. You will have several days to get ready.
  • Once the session begins we will be on Discord coordinating the actions as we capture the footage



We are looking forward to this first run, crows.


See you ingame!

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