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How can i receive a beta key ?

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The only way to play the game right now is to buy it. All of the packages give you immediate, full access to the game for as long as the game lasts. If you want to try it before you buy it, you'll have to wait until the free beta, which will be right before launch. Anyone who has a Crowfall account by a certain date (date yet to be determined) will be able to play for free during that time. It will be a while before that happens though, as we are still in pre-alpha. They are still targeting launch by the end of the year, but I think there's a good chance it will get pushed back into 2020.

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5 minutes ago, marvays said:

Hi. Any new about start game? Or any beta key? I need test it, before buy this game. Do you have any 24 hours key for testing? pls.

closed beta is next to come... no other way to test than get a backer pack atm.

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You can register for the free closed beta on our site - which I know you've done since you were able to post here. To get access now, you need to be a backer, someone who has purchased any of the starter packs. All of them include immediate access to playtesting as well as a digital download of the game at launch. (Cost of the game will be $50. The least expensive starter pack is $50 so it's kinda the same as a pre-order.) 

We don't have an ETA yet for when closed beta will begin. Register, make sure you have opted in to receive our emails (you can double-check this on your Account page), and you'll receive an invitation via email to join beta when the time comes. 

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