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The Spirit Bank, forts and the "8".

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By all means, I know that telling devs what to do is rather irritating, but I really do hope that some of my concerns will be heard and answered. 

To start with, the Spirit Bank. Account-based storage, accessible from anywhere at any time. As a player, I found that its a current state is rather misleading from games original intent. Campaigns are worlds, where your character is cut off from the rest of the world and should experience scarcity of resources, progress to the victory over months and then claim spoils of war. However, now you don't feel any discomfort as you can export and import pretty huge amounts of resources to start with and rebind character to do this endlessly. I know that storage is a problem now and there are some changes to the way how our stuff is being stored on the way, but the problem is much deeper. 
From the account-wide stash it was designed, it developed into extense of character inventory, which can`t even be lost. Did you get your legendary precious stone?  Maybe, some valuable boss drop? Put it into the bank immediately! Even during the fight. You can safely gather wherever you like with no risk to lose your goods even if you get killed. You can try to change my mind, but if you gather resources deep into the enemy lands solo in the game with the half-loot system, you should at least be worried about getting ganked and wasting your ore/wood/etc. As we are currently in pre-alpha, I found some solutions which might be tested or at least considered. 

I. Limited imports and exports. And by limited I mean account-based lock for 15-20 imports/exports, so they are your emergency button, but not a regular everyday option. Following "spoils of war" idea and balancing rewards for playing the campaign, at the end of the world you will get additional export slots. Let's say winning faction will get 1000 and other factions 200 exports/account. This will make a winning of the campaign actually rewarding, bring "spoils of war" theme on rails and limit abuse of your Spirit Bank. Also, a friend of mine suggested limiting the use of Spirit Bank to temple or at least out-of-combat only scenario. 
All numbers are made up and represent the idea only. 

II. But hey, we just lost the place to keep our items and pass them between the characters. Remember those useless local banks, huh? They need some love. The temple one being your new main safe storage, shared between characters and big enough to replace crow bank for the course of the campaign. Maybe even bigger, but you are limited by the ways of accessing storage. Local banks also should be increased in size, but about the use of them, I will talk later. 

I hope you will understand my point and give reasonable feedback on this. 
Now, we can move on to some more controversial topics. Let's talk about the almighty "8". If you didn't get it by now, by the Eight I mean portal to your faction temple (as its bind to 8 by default). I know that there will be some people, who don`t agree with my point, but again, listen me up. 
Returning to the original intent of the game, high rewards should come with high risk. I already discussed above why Spirit Bank is game breaking and why it should be changed. Temple portal follows the same path because it allows transporting resources safely, instantly and at no cost. (Well, let's consider crow bank problem already resolved and not abusable anymore). If you won`t be able to put yourself in safety by the press of one button, you will think twice about mining in front of the enemy keep, venturing with high-value loot in the wilds and transporting huge amounts of dust solo. Changes to this system (which I will suggest below) will result in big shakeups in gameplay loops. Caravans and ambushes now will become a thing, as one side will try to protect high-value target and others might camp popular routes for easy loot. Forts no longer will be required to generate victory points only, but also will provide you with reachable safety, motivating players to stay closer to your faction claims, so that gatherers can easily put their goods back without wasting to much time and not risking to lose everything. And yes, I totally agree that sometimes there is a need to get your character back to the temple instantly. Here are some ideas for this ... problem. 

I. Portal scrolls as an extra-rare drop from group bosses/crafted by players, but still hard to get. 

II. Eight actually transforming you into the crow and force-travelling to temple as instant-cast, but you will leave your inventory as a cairn. No durability loss for equipped items tho. 

Here we are. I still have a thing to talk about, but those are game-shaping topics I can`t ignore. Feel free to add, comment and share your opinion. 

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Spirit bank changes are coming. You won't be able to access the spirit bank outside the temple.

A big overhaul of storage and banking is also coming.

I like your suggestion of dropping your inventory into a cairn when you "turn into a crow" to recall to the temple.


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