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Discipline runes

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Ok. We have no problems around getting demon's pact and such things for our 3-5 man squad. But I think this is the big problem for a big clans or for ppl who get lost on respawn timer and/or playing only in prime time. First, current big design problems around bosses, runes and such.

  1. Spawn timers. You want to ppl roaming around the world? Right. But fixed spawn timers make it possible to just login/logout with twinks or just came in time and fast kill it. All you did is more iteration required to ppl to get build which as result hurt population on live server. It does not working.
  2. Raid bosses powers. They are killable with 2 ppl. Are you sure it is raid bosses. Even with one ppl (but required alot of times). If you bring pve content, you should adjust also skills to be viable in pve (knight aggro for example)
  3. Looting mechanic. It is wrong also. Yes, I know about Dregs but you also want to give players fraction fights, right? Current problem - ppl combat loot (yes, I can loot with 150 ping 3-4 runes from raid boss while other ppl can't)
  4. Looting tables. Solo boss drop nothing. Group boss drop at least something, raid boss drop better but very random and mostly useless stuff. As result, we killed more than 20 raidbosses and get only 4 demon's pacts.
  5. Aggro mechanics. Simple - who did more dmg tanking. Wrong.

and a lot of other things I did not like.


What I suggest?

  1. Bring discipline runes to runemaker+alchemy crafting. Wartribes and animals should drop parts for crafting runes. Wartribes for minors, animals for majors.
  2. Make regular mobs droptable better. I mean current animals <9rank is waste of time (except skinning), wartribes gives nothing except trash, solo boss gives rarely something. Trash is all around. You tell us what you wanna made some quality based runes. So, lets common to be dropped from low lvl animals and regular wartribes. Better quality from bosses. Raidboss should drop best quality parts for crafting. This way we can craft whatever we like and not getting trash runes all the time (actually it is also you fault what 50% of minor disciplines are trash and demon's pact and expansive mind is mandatory)
  3. Spawns. Make it floating (not fixed times and spawns) with global message "in 15 mins raidboss will spawn somethere". This way all ppl will produce alot of pvp and travelling. OR you can make spawns conditions (kill 100 wartribe and solo boss will spawn, kill 500 and group boss will spawn). This way ppl stay on the spawn and pvp will happaned.
  4. Loot. Group with more dps or group who attack boss first should get priority loot.

crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: Out of Fury

Discord makkon#8550

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loot priority is needed as well as aggro changes, but i dont want the difficulty of bosses adjusted, this is not a pve game, i do not play this game for pve, i do not want to spec for pve, i do not want to build for pve, i want to pvp, the bosses are fine for that, and theyre strong enough where if you gank a group fighting a boss its essentially another player on your side

If i'm not outnumbered it's not a real fight.



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