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Softopening Crows Nest

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SOFTOPENING CROWS NEST SOFT RINSE OPENING OF THE CROWN TEST GILDEN - FRACTIONS - COUNTRIES - OVERHEADING PROJECT MANAGEMENT: CrusaderW & solairre CROWS NEST is a Kingdom of Heaven for the manufacture and sale of goods. All workbenches are available and traders can open a free shop. The Kingdom is in alpha phase, our opening hours are: daily from 18.00 to 20.00 If interested, you get an ekinvite, TS: 16265.zap-ts3.com is always busy at opening hours or voice chat Discord: rQRzrtm. Today 01 May 2019 good opening offers! CrusaderW's Jewelry Store (unusual, rare, epic) CrusaderWs and Solairres Meleeladen (2 Gauntlets Armor Confession Book) solairres general store Get in touch if you want to become part of this project! We both understand it as our contribution to the growing crowfall community. CROWS NEST MANUFACTURE & TRADE

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