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so im trying to place my "deeds" (lets call them buildings), and i repeatedly get this message.


ive looked around for an answer and all i keep getting is some bullpoorly made socksted technical talk that isnt relevant to my situation at all.

PS: my apologies if i come off as a bit pissy, ive just been trying to figure this out for half and hour and have yet to figure it out.

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You can't place anything on the default parcel. You first have to place parcels using the kingdom builder tool. Make sure the parcels are in your inventory, then press ESC and click on the castle icon. Drag and drop the parcels and arrange them however you want, then submit.

Each parcel has a certain number of tokens for buildings and defensive structures of different sizes. The smallest parcels will have zero tokens. I think the smallest parcel which you can place stuff on is the shire parcel, though maybe the hamlet parcel has some tokens too.

Anyway, after you have placed your parcels, go to a parcel that has tokens. If you have a shire parcel, go to that and then press I to open your character sheet. Above your inventory, you will see a list of icons showing you how many tokens you have of each type and size. On the left are buildings, on the right, defensive structures. They range in size from extra small to extra large. When you mouse over the deed, you will see the type and size required in the tooltip.

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Just adding to what Arkade said, the first tokens are granted by the farm parcel. Here is a list. (Resource costs are outdated, but tokens should still be the same.)



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