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Legends of Aria


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UO = Ultima Online ;)

As for Aria, I think they missed their goal big time with the way they designed the world.

It is similar to UO only in systems, crafting systems skills etc...

But the Core of the game is not UO, and I think its Devs made the mistake that all newbie Designers make.

They tried to create a world to funnel the players here and there according to their own vision, instead of making a world where the players decide where to go and what to do according to their imagination.

They made a world that can be counted and "Won", by some part of the player base, which in turn Dominates the other part of the Player base and causes the Demise of the game and in so doing their own too.

Darkfall made the same mistake, Archeage made the same mistake, Albion made the same mistake... Conan...EVE...and how many others really? 

It is amazing for me to sit back and watch Game after Game being announced Hyped Tested and released, repeating the same mistakes as many otehr before it...and make me wonder if these Designers really live on the same planet...

Anyways, we are kinda diverging now. ;)

Edited by Duke_Suraknar

~ Duke Suraknar ~

<Order of the Silver Star>, (OSS)

*everyone dies, not everyone really fights*

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