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Thinking about taking the plunge

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This game looks very intriguing; I'm thinking about hopping in.  A few questions before I do:

1. When are the expected wipes between now and launch?  I would like if there are at least a few, that way I can explore the skill tree without the risk of being behind if I eventually decide on something else.  Restarting everyone back at square one is appealing for that reason.

2. I understand that this game will require interdependency with fellow players in order to be successful.  My question is, is it viable to spend an hour or two here or there on your own, for example to gather resources, or do you pretty much have to stay in a group at all times?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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Hey there!

The only expected wipe is when we go into soft launch, which is not specified yet.

If you're lucky, they will wipe because of changes to skill trees, or similar development.

But Apart from that, start your skill training right away, the speed is 3x what it will be in the actual game, so you will be skilling up fast (enough).


Yes you should join a guild, or find a group of friends to play this game with - it will be a lot more enjoyable.

There are guilds for all kinds of players, just check the guild recruitment section here on the forum.

But to answer your question, you can without problem run around a farm/harvest solo, you are though more susceptible to ganks, when you run around solo.


If you want to solo harvest, I would suggest doing it on a stealth class, so you have a chance to escape with your resources.

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Thanks Yumx! Sorry it took so long to respond, we're only allowed 1 post per day until we purchase the game.


But I have now, so cheers! I'll spend some time in the game and see which guilds are active when I'm online (usually 9PM - 1 AM Eastern Time) and go from there.


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