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[STC] Scarlett Trading Company (NA Mercenary Guild)

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Scarlett Trading Company


Scarlett Trading Company going into Dregs will be a neutral mercenary guild. Guild neutrality provides us with a more unique experience than can be found within a standard guild-versus-guild group: paid allies today, may be paid enemies tomorrow. Like many guilds returning and preparing for the upcoming Dregs patch, we are looking to build up and expand our core group. If providing neutral and currency-based services, while being beholden to only ourselves appeals to you, STC may be of interest. 


If the idea of tactics and outside-the-box planning, along with a comprehension of the OODA loop and maneuver warfare intrigue you as to combat preparedness; STC may be a good fit. We are always looking at combat compositions; where classes and combinations shine, and where they might falter--or compositions that might be overlooked and undervalued. Due to this, we are always asking, “What if…”, which we think helps provide a fresh perspective in the game’s combat system, and helps prevent it from growing stale. We aren’t afraid of trying out new compositions, and putting them through their paces, even if it fails: in this is knowledge, and knowledge only makes us better. 


We understand how morale plays such an important and impactful part of a group’s cohesion. It’s what helps keep a tight knit group together in tough times, where others fall apart. Morale is just as important in a battlefield and strategic operations, as it is in ensuring a healthy guild. STC’s primary purpose in Crowfall, is to have fun. 


We think the fun aspect, comes in two parts: the first being highly proficient in what we do in the game; and the second, in providing a social place where you look forward to spending your free and available time. Having excitement for the game and what we can accomplish within it--by our on goals--is what helps keep that fire alight; all with the understanding that sometimes, you don’t feel like logging in. Burning yourself out isn’t fun, nor is playing to another’s demanded schedule; we only want you to play, when you actually possess that desire. If we’ve done it right, hopefully you’ll always feel that little push, to log in.


If any of this appeals to you, you have any manner of follow-up questions, or you would like to contract STC we invite you to drop by our Discord https://discord.gg/v2Zb6TZ. From there, please seek out ZombieGandhi, or Sophia Scarlett, as we’d be glad to answer any questions you have.

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This sounds like a good fit for me.  Into exploration and learning the crafting in this game.  Some experience in PvP from Guild Wars 2 but basically looking to learn.  I am currently in Balance Faction.

Braesin is my main.

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STC is currently on Chaos--though as a faction neutral guild, this of course may change in the future--so if you want to fight against skilled enemies (those crafty Balance elves), while having an understood core guild focus, with excellent crafters so you can cudgel your enemies all the better, give us a pester. 

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Still recruiting?

New-ish player. Learning the game. I've mostly been leather farming and catching hell in PvP.

I like the idea of a mercenary guild. Seems like it would work well for Dregs. I'm fine to farm while I upgrade my skills.

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  • Sophia_Scarlett changed the title to [STC] Scarlett Trading Company (NA Mercenary Guild)

Been in the game a few weeks now and been with STC for most of that time. This guild is for real. Sophia_Scarlett and ZombieGhandi spend so much time and energy trying to make this a guild we can be proud of. From kitting out their members to training us to fight, or coming up with fun tactics for our squads, this really is a guild where their members are taken care of and can feel like part of the team.

If you don't mind finding yourself in tough fights and being stretched to your limits in PVP, give STC a try. We will certainly get in over our heads in many fights but we treat every loss as a chance to get better. In the field, ZombieGhandi is relentlessly positive and pretty damn good at keeping us in line. 

Even if you don't join the guild, check out our discord. Sophia_Scarlett can craft anything in the world and knows more about the game than people should be allowed to know.  We are a mercenary guild so you can even hire us to fight along side you!

See you all on the battlefield!


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I've watched a few videos of you and Zombie going around over the last year or so and it always looked like a great time despite just being a handful of you. I had swapped over to Order to join up with you all, but life got busy and then I just just decided to wait until the next patch. I'm still doing my solo Ranger-Warden thing, but I'm still  interested in a guild to tag around with when time permits and plan to be active a few hours a night once it hits "Live" 

If you don't mind having a semi-loner that enjoys contributing when available even just as a scout then I wouldn't mind linking up for a campaign to see how we mesh. Have not played in earnest since the launch of 5.8 and having some easy going people to play with would make the next patch more enjoyable. Will try and find some time to pop on Discord but this week is pretty packed for me so it will most likely be the weekend.





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Feel free to poke your head in whenever. We have a guild app on our discord, but I'll go ahead and link it here if it's easier for you. If you could fill that out when you get the time I'll look over your answers and get back to you.


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On 5/6/2019 at 8:17 PM, Sophia_Scarlett said:


If the idea of tactics and outside-the-box planning, along with a comprehension of the OODA loop and maneuver warfare intrigue you as to combat preparedness; STC may be a good fit.

From what i understand, isnt OODA loop  Observe  - Overreact - Destroy - Apologise?!

I do like the premise of the tactics, and Manoeuvre Warfare works so well for smaller more "Agile" teams!  My only thought is that im EU, so not sure our playtimes will marry up?

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The OODA loop is observe–orient–decide–act. It basically refers to thinking and planning ahead of your enemies. A getting inside their heads type deal. As far as being on EU it's unlikely our times will match up for the most part. Typically we are active from 5pm eastern time to 11 pm eastern time I'd say. More on the weekends. I'm not sure what time that would be for you or what your schedule is like, but I do know typically I'm still at work when EU is active so if you have a fairly standard schedule I'd say you will probably miss us most days.

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