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[STC] Scarlett Trading Company (NA Mercenary Guild)

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STC is still recruiting we're on test right now just waiting for the Dregs test campaigns to roll out. Like many other guilds we're doing EK pvp testing so feel free to poke us whenever on our discord! We're looking for support/dps players right now.

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STC is doing a boot camp for the next few weeks of testing. We'll all be playing the same class running around teaching that class and just having some good laughs! Feel free to stop by in our discord and say hi. This week is cleric week!

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Posted (edited)

Hey there. I've been playing MMOs for a long time (EQ/DaoC/Shadowbane/Darkfall/WoW) but I took a long many year hiatus and am looking to get back in the game. Have a few friends interested as well, they haven't backed yet, so I'm scoping out what Crowfall has to offer and I'm loving it so far. 

I kinda enjoy figuring things out alone in new games, and it's been a really long time since I've been in an active guild.
I'm most likely going to hop in your discord and say Hi sometime in the next few days. I just got the game 4 days ago, just got my first level 30 and I really like the concept behind your guild.

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