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[STC] Scarlett Trading Company Recruitment

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Scarlett Trading Company


Scarlett Trading Company (STC) is a faction neutral mercenary and trading guild created with the goal of creating a hub for trading and mercenary activities cross-faction. We want to offer our players the freedom to choose whatever faction they wish to play without losing the support of a guild. Faction neutrality will allow STC to offer unique cross factions services such as killing spy accounts, trading information or feeding misinformation to different factions. Additionally STC will offer any standard services for each faction such as capping forts/outposts, defending/attacking resource heavy areas or even sieging keeps. In order to achieve this STC intends house at least moderate force of 10-15 dedicated players on each faction. Finally, STC seeks to be able to complete any task customers are willing to pay for and therefore must be able to contend with any force on any faction.


Aside from mercenary jobs STC will spend a good portion of time building a trading empire. As its name suggests Scarlett Trading Company will be a large trading EK trading anything from resources to off-profession components to full gear sets and weapons. STC seeks to set the standard for trading companies selling even the highest quality gear (yes even legendary) for the right price. We want to be able to ensure quality and fair prices in addition to offering discounts to newer players and possibly to losing factions if things are looking pretty grim in hopes even out the odds. STC intends to become one of, if not the largest mercenary and trading guild in the Crowfall community.



We expect our members to:

  • Have a Progressive Mindset - While we do want to be one of the best we don’t expect you to already be the best. All we really ask is that you are willing to listen try to improve.

  • Be Active - You don’t have to make every day just let us know when you aren’t able to make sieges or if you are taking an extended break.

  • Be Productive - Crowfall requires farming for resources and time spent crafting. Lots of people means lots of farming/crafting...so just be willing to help out in some way.

  • Have a Good Attitude - Basically just understand that sometimes YOU ARE going to die and YOU WILL sometimes lose stuff. You just have to be willing to get over those things it’s just the nature of the game.


Who Can Join?

Anyone can join, though right now we can only really offer support for order players as we have not yet spread to any of the other factions. We are currently preferring harvesters and those willing to play healing classes, but we aren’t going to turn anyone away as long as they meet the requirements above.


Want to Know More/Want To Join?

Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/4m4bkKh and ask questions or inquire about joining STC.

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This sounds like a good fit for me.  Into exploration and learning the crafting in this game.  Some experience in PvP from Guild Wars 2 but basically looking to learn.  I am currently in Balance Faction.

Braesin is my main.

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