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2019 KS Games that you might like


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Hello there, since you've checked this topic, you're probably interested in funding some up coming games, which I usually check time to time if there's some need a publicity around it

In my opinion I've liked these games below it fits my gameplay style and worth checking out. We may have different taste of what we like to play, if you can fund one of these, would be a great start to support some indie developers and enjoy their creation.

The following games below not in specific order, but most of them is amazing to check out. 

If you didn't like any of these game below, probably you know someone else that might like one of these games, just inform them and spread word around \o/.

I appreciate your time reading what I've wrote and checking out these games. 

If you like other 2019 KS Games please list them when you're responding, so there will be no need to create new topic about it.


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