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User friendly / cosmetics suggestions

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Hey all crowfall lovers,


Here are some suggestions to make crowfall more user-friendly :

- Mini-map : 5.9 improves the Ui reaction time to access to map. And it is fun to have a complete map view. A mini map would be a complement to avoid accessing map during travel.  Just take a look to see if you are on the right way or close to the destination.

- Auto-loot : World of warcraft have an option for auto-loot. You kill a mob, you auto-loot. Then you can trash your inventory at the end. More user-friendly than having a ui with reaction time and you need to click (thousand of time in such tasks).

- Auto-Share for groups : the leader of one group could activate manual loot or he could share loots between players (unique loot by a turn roll, gold simply divided between group members). It can be applied by groups leaders on mob looting or on resources gathering.


Cosmetic suggestions :

I really love Crowfall graphics. Mix of cartoon/realistic balance. The lighting system is very good looking. The color palette for the sun cycle is very well tuned.

Anyway, i prefer the more volumetric fog from 5.8.6 (it's just a matter about fog amount balance, anyway 5.9 brings other factors better). Or maybe is it volumetric light ? More fog had more mood intensity (take a look at first crowfall videos). It would be fantastic to add a fog cycle too (with some random sequence). So you can have foggy days and clear days. You can have some maps with different fog tunings depending of time and area. It would impact gameplay because foggy day makes PVP different. You can hide yourself easier. The line of sight is shorter.

I don't know if a weather cycle is on track on crowfall dev, but it's a way to add diversity and intensity.


Hope this help !

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