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Free on Amazon! Fate of Israel

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Free for 4 more days on Amazon   Click your mouse twice and help support a crow!    Thanks and hope you enjoy.


A war torn Israel is on the verge of collapse. Beset on all sides by the allied forces of Islam, Jerusalem itself risks destruction.
As the violence nears the Holy City, ancient soldiers begin to awaken. Demons of Revelations hungry for the freedom that men's downfall will provide them. A war of perverted religions has ushered in Armageddon.
Trapped within the chaos, and hunted by Hell's chosen, one young refugee must stop the bloodshed. His name is Jahim Ali, and he is the prophet of the end of days. Humanity's last chance at redemption



On Amazon.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QF1MFWG

All 5 star reviews.  Very proud of my effort.  Hope you all enjoy.  Been a long road, still a bit further to go.  Would be grateful for any support I get.  

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I picked up the book about a week ago and am really enjoying it. Guys this is a fellow Crow sharing his dream. Help a brother out!!!

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