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Need more Graphic Diversity

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Now I'm going to let game mechanics be for a sec (less I get another topic shutdown) and talk about the graphics in the game.  I know that 5.9 will bring a  new movement engine online, that's good, but what we really need is diversity.  When I see a gaggle of faction buddies ,guildies or otherwise, (yes I used the word Gaggle) I swear I can't tell who's who besides looking at the name plate.  That's a bad thing.  I know this isn't Wow but they had such diverse texture mapping that they made the same 20 polygon torso piece look so different that you hardly ever had the same look twice.  Along with the Glamor system man was that great.  Paladin Judgement armor FTW!

So what I'm suggestion.

1) Create different Textures for  Armor Types (slashing/peircing/fire/etc..)

2) Allow a Glamour system.

3) Stop making humans/half elves look like they got dropped on their head as a child (bonus)

Nuff Said.


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There’s all sorts of texture/skin features upcoming. Pretty sure they’ve talked about them numerous times. Typically you don’t really see the “polish” really happen til beta. 

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