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Fight for the Mule

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In shadowbane, in order to loot more, characters needed to have strength. The more strength, the more loot you can.

In the real world, i cannot fight with 12 plate armors in my inventory. I would need a Mule 🛒

The Mule looks like a wagon, and carries the loot of the group. It is a bigger inventory, that:

  • The Mule content is so big that you need it :). For example, max resource stack can be higher (200+)
  • The mule may transport your friend cadaver and his inventory
  • is slower than your character
  • can share content with group members.
  • can be captured( let's name the situation 'Mule in danger'), but its content can be sold only in towns or forts.
  • Of course, PK will be happy to get it... if they got time to pull the Mule back to the town in order to sell the content.
  • The ground will then be something like the far west fighting for the diligence, because when you get killed while farming, then you always will have a chance to get your loot back (Forced PvP time, Time to log your PvP char and maybe help in your Faction or guild  ? ⚔️)
  • Guild anouncement: "Mule in danger: A group in your faction may loose 50 021 gold". The amount is evaluated by the server, according to the content of the Mule's inventory.
  • "Mule in danger" could be displayed in the global MAP (only for guild member)
  • Maybe a part of the selling can be given to your guild (10% for example).

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I would add that a 'mule' system is found on many game mods (the train in overwatch, team fortress 2, moba games). So it's a strong and popular gameplay mechanic.

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