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Titan Myrm Build?


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all you need to know what you should focus on (by priority):

1) max out AP (1k) and take as best weapon damage as you can get

2) max out crit dmg (200%). very easy with necklaces and runic weapons

3) max out crit chance (40%+)

4) personal damage modifier you can't max but should get (half giant is mandatory). actually this stat is easy to max out with frenzy but you can't use it mostly without healer behind. so, this is mostly usefull for berserking.

5) penetration. from weapons and from armor. 30-40% is easy.

6) basic attack damage. necklaces was nerfed to the ground, so there is not so much ways to up this stat except taking light weapons + sparring.

7) ways to increase damage % from any source of buffs


there is no mandatory on disciplines except demon's pact. myrmidon have no choices/builds actually. he should play with his class powers mostly else he will be bad.

some best synergy already was listed here but you have to choose it self to max out stats listed above.


I do not recommend any kind of damage spells from disciplines coz your main damage is from LMB. actually on high end game you have no slots to use any kind of skills except your class skills in combat tray so you should take anti CC disciplines and passives which do not reserve passive slots. you can even play without any skills


all of those are true for current stage of combat tree lvl with blue+ gear crafted by almost maxed out crafters.

with early gameplay without deep combat skill tree (and without good gear) I think some disciplines with tanky/buff potency are preferred.


there is 2 basic setups you can play as titan: vanilla/classic myrm and "titan glass" (post talents)

"titan glass" is mostly for high end gear players. this mean you focus mostly on using myrmidon unique powers - frenzy/veng/berserker/neck slash.

frenzy + berserker at the same time or frenzy+berserker+vengeance. you have no free slots, you max out dps. you very depend on party but berserker/vengeance give you ability to tank by situation while frenzy + neck sash gives you best dps in da game (over 2k/sec by 1 target if your target is not moving and do not cc you all the time).


vanilla/classic build is based on berserker only. this is mostly defensive. this way expansive mind is mandatory so you can take more skills...


actually titan is based on frenzy but somehow if you take only frenzy you are so dead.



crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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On 5/10/2019 at 4:51 AM, coolster50 said:


I don’t think this build has changed too significantly in the time since it was posted. You can probably message Blazzen or ZombieGhandi on myrm builds. They seem like they know alot.

I play Illusionist / Shield Breaker these days. 

I think I made that video before Illusionist got the left click snare + 20% dmg. 

I could see taking something other than Shield Breaker but I like the armor pen buff and occasionally I'll swap in the shield break or barrier buster depending on the situation. Retaliate is so strong these days that I don't feel as though I need Jugg anymore. Plus most crashes are caused by physics pushes/knock ups, not CC, which Jugg does nothing for physics based abilities. 


Blazzen <Lords of Death>

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