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error #1 failed validation no error failed to access remote

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I have tried to update several times and all I get is "Error #1    Failed validation    No error    Failed to access remote metafile    Read operation"

how can I get rid of this error and update?

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Posted (edited)

I have it as "Run this program as admin.."

the issue remains.

also, it doesnt shutdown; I have to force a shutdown thru taskmanager

should I uninstall and reinstall?


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To save anybody facing this issue from going through support here's what they told me:


You should completely delete your Crowfall folder and re-download and re-install from the website. You can find the links to the LIVE and TEST installers on the Account Profile page under the Downloads header. Let me know if you need anything else.

I did that, disabled Windows Firewall / Defender, Windows Virus Protection, made sure to run the installer as Admin, and it fixed the problem for me.

NOTE: It took me forever to find my install folder which isn't intuitive at all (ACE = ArtCraft Entertainment?). It was located at C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\ACE\Crowfall_Live

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