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Hi everyone, 
I started Crowfall last week . I did not found the information about : when is the next campain ? do I need to be at a lvl in particuly to unlock campain ?

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There will be a new campaign up soon, but it will be a short campaign and won't be a "Trial of the God's" campaign (ie. no rewards). This is just to further test 5.9 and fix any big issues. After that, they will put up new Trial of the God's campaigns.

For now, you can play in God's Reach. In the lobby, click on the ENTER button underneath the God's Reach section and enter that world. It's more for learning the game and hanging out between campaigns than actually competing against other players, and the highest rank mobs are only rank 7, so you'll have a hard time getting all the way to level 30, but you can harvest and level and play around a bit until the campaigns come up.

You can also play on the TEST server, which has the 5.9 milestone. To do that, you need to go to the download page and download the TEST client. It's a separate installation. The TEST server has vendors that give you a lot of free stuff, including a dust that you can use to level rapidly. It's a good place to test out the game and it has campaigns up, so you will find mobs and resources all the way up to rank 10.

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