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Please tell me this decimal shouldn't be here...

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So I was looking at some of the specialized exploration skills near the end of the tree and I found this.  I hope this is an error, and that in order to max animal harvesting I don't have to invest 5 pips into a skill that only increases beneficial harvest time by 1/2000th of its duration per pip.  Seems rather... pointless.

The other exploration trees also list a similar bonus in them.  5% per pip seems reasonable.  .05%... why bother making this a skill at all?



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It is a common reporting error, because 1% itself means multiply by  "x 0.01".  It could simply be saying that they are adding a x0.05 multiplier "(1+CurrentBonus+0.05)xRate" to the system, and someone just copied the exact number, but it could also mean that someone rendered to decimal twice, making it very very small.

In either case, display error or formula error, this is very likely not intended.

Edited by Lanie

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