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beta groups?

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7 minutes ago, Oldsandwich said:

if im in beta group 12 when can I play??

If you are in a paid beta group, you can play right now.  There is no campaign right now, but we should get something soon.  Play on God's Reach to learn for now, or help out on test to get the next patch going faster.

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  • Ebontine: Elemental of Dark, Female Half-Elf Moon-Warden, Survival Assist.
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4 hours ago, Trolldaeron said:

What group is currently up?

If you have paid for the game, you can play right now. If you haven't paid for the game, you either have to pay for the game, or wait until the free beta, which will include everyone who has created a Crowfall account and will begin just prior to the soft launch of the game.

If you are unwilling to pay for the game prior to launch then be prepared to wait. They are still targeting the end of the year for soft launch, but it's more likely that it will be some time next year.

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