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What level accounts have game access now?

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At this point, if you purchase any of the backers packages shown in the store right now, you play right now.

https://crowfall.com/en-US/store?category=Starter Packs

Doesn't matter which one.

Milla's Elemental Mastery [Ravens & Crows - See "About Me" Section]:

  • Rosaline: Elemental of Earth, Female Wood-Elf Earth-Keeper, Political Main.
  • Ametrine: Elemental of Fire, Female Nethari Fire-Sanctifer, Endurance Main.
  • Sylphine: Elemental of Air, Female Fae Storm-Caller, Combat Main.
  • Cyandine: Elemental of Water, Female High-Elf Frost-Weaver, Tactical Main.
  • Lumirine: Elemental of Light, Female Human Holy-Crusader, Support Assist.
  • Ebontine: Elemental of Dark, Female Half-Elf Moon-Warden, Survival Assist.

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What the others said. But just for clarification, minimum Access-Level to be able to join the current Pe-Alpha 5.x LIVE Environment is the Beta-3 access level.


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