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My problems are crafting and vendors Iuse the f-key for crafting than sometimes Ican doit but only once I go to another crafting -table the pop up window is there but nothing happens,same with the vendor I can do 1 thing after that it does not work ,log out log in again does not help repair system does not help and Ican not srnd you the logfile you want because it is hidden!:)

TY LG  solairre

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Crafting and vendor-looting still not working never had any problems befor the latest patch Irepaired and deleted the game with new download nothing changed and it is not only in my kingdom ,if Igo to another one it is the same situation?!

LG solairre  :)

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I had the same issue until today, suddenly I can interact with crafting tables I couldn’t in EKs yesterday.(worked fine I’m forts) Also similar issue with sacrifice brazier in temple, but no where else.

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