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New campaign set for Friday - Official discussion thread

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39 minutes ago, Pann said:

NA – Begins 4 pm CDT on Thursday, May 17 | Ends 10 pm CDT on Sunday, May 17


NA – Begins 4 pm CDT on Friday, May 17 | Ends 10 pm CDT on Sunday, May 19


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To be frank, this whole God's Trial vs. Trials of the God's thing feels much too much like the People's Front of Judaea vs. the Judaean People's Front. Much too complicated. ~throwingasandal~ ;)

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2 hours ago, coolster50 said:

Holy crap, a one day campaign?! Gotta harvest quick!!!

lol give her a break she posted this at like 8pm after a very long day I am sure it was about the last thing she did.

Thanks for the update btw, I have 35 embers again I was about to roll another purple vessel for something to do over the weekend, now I will hold off :)

Edited by seastodd
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