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Video: First day as Vanguard


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We were hyped to get into some action together as a new guild - given we are a small crew, we still got lots of fun action.
Here are some of the fights we had - with voice, enjoy!

We are still looking for 1 support player and 4 flex players!
Look us up at: Our recruitment thread.

My Twitch - My Youtube - Apply to Vanguard HERE!

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we are also looking for support/healer. pm me 🤣 nice fight through. sad we have not the best setup vs kiters.


btw this fight was full of issues:

1) some of our party members did not see each others 😃

2) some of opponent guyz also dont see ours

3) freezes after siege

4) gear more than anything else. this is why our 2 guyz die and Vanguard knight also.

5) support power overtuned


crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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