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What exactly is a "beneficial harvest"?

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I see "beneficial harvests" referenced in a bunch of skills in the skill tree (including ones that increase its duration for a whopping .00000005% or something ridiculous, but that's a different gripe). Anyways, I've never seen an explanation for what it actually IS. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Jesus people.

With little training Beneficial harvest gives a stamina boost. In basics you can get a general 5% increase in the chance it goes off and this is a fantastic node because it gives bene harvest chance to all types of nodes, other than leadership training this is the only multi type node for the beneficial harvest chance you can get.

 In the 2nd page trainings of reaping and excavation there are a couple of nodes for each training line. The procs only give stamina till you get to the 3rd page specialization trees. 

If you get into the third page specialization pages. 5 point cap the center node and when it procs it will give you a buff.
The buff adds to the stamina bump that it has always given you on node destruction.
The buff has a few parts.

1st The stamina boost on node destruction

2nd it gives crit hit chance for harvesting the nodes you have specialization training in. It starts at around 15% (last time I checked)
3rd It also gives a run speed boost.

In the specialization trees there are nodes that affect the duration of the buff. the power of the buff and the frequency that bene harvest goes off for that type of node. (Ore, Stone, wood, skinning, and grave digging)

All of this ties into getting crits on node destruction. When you get a crit when destroying a node it rolls on a special table. You get 1 roll for free due to the crit, then you get an additional number of rolls equal to your crit amount skill rounded to the nearest whole number. (4.75 = 4 more rolls) 5 is cap for crit amount. 

The common wisdom from the old timers is max bene harvest chance as high as you can in chance and power, then get crit amount up to 5 if you can. Stats make a difference by a large amount so choose the gatherer race and class wisely and get a vessel made that will work well. 

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Posted (edited)

As a skinner, I've gone for +crit chance on gear and ignored beneficial on gear. It should still be trained, but it's not the panacea it was.

1. The run speed boost, I'm not going anywhere.

2. Stam boost, with the Nerf to bene power this is not nearly as significant. It was Energizer bunny mode when chance & power were both > 100%, now it's kind of meh. I took Hoarder over Villein & just make more tools.

3. Crit chance. I'll take a 10% boost full time over a 20% boost 1/3rd of the time.

Skinners run one of 3 ways:

We get one animal and skin it, rinse & repeat. Beneficial harvest has no benefit in this scenario.

We kill 2-3 animals, and skin them. Repeat. If bene happens to proc on the 1st or the 2nd of 3, the crit chance applies to the rest. On the last, it's of no benefit.

We have a kill team lining up piles of corpses. Bene procs are nice here for the crit, but only applies to very specific mob spawns; canyon spiders and some dog/cat spawns.

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