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new player: soHme questions

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i recently started playing and got few questions, help would be appreciated !

1: I can go to lvl 16 in about 2-3 hours with farming/sacrificing but from then on i havent found a  propper method to keep lvling. Whats best to do there, find mobs that actually give exp and grind them or is harvesting/scrivicing still "fastest" way ?

2: Is it "viable" to do a campaign at non max lvl or should i stay at gods reach till hitting max ?

3: Besides skilling combat stuff wht should i focus on ( or what basic harvest stuff would i need before actually going for crafting skills? )


How would you start if you were brand new ?


I checked youtube for beginners guides but those i watched where more like "totally noob never played a game before guide to crowfall" covering really lowest tier of basics like how to move etc (stuff i figured out in like 10mins playing the game my own)

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Posted (edited)

You’re off to a good start.  Gods Reach is designed for exactly what you’ve used it for, those beginning levels and such.  IIRC the richest level stiff in GR is R6 which all give you full XP till 18 and then less xp pernkill for a couple lore levels till it finally drops off completely.  Read below for updated leveling info.


The best thing you can do at this point is join a guild.  The knowledge curve is massive and it will not be easy moving forward with success.


Check our HoA if you’re going balance, hit me up with a PM for more info.


But if you don’t want to join a guild yet it’s probably time for you to start making yourself an advanced weapon and armor.  You’ll want to start by making intermediate rune tools at the general crafting table on the temple.  These give you +10 dmg when you harvest something.  You’ll want to temporarily slot blacksmithing and find your weapon that you want to make and then look at all the components it will require so that you can get a list of raw materials you’ll need.  Likely you’ll need a little bit of leatherworking as well.  If you’re not yet high enough to have two major disciplines then you’ll have to make the leather stuff first and then switch to blacksmithing.  Might as well do armor at the same time.

Thats about the only other thing you could do for yourself on GR besides the last couple of levels that are possible.  You could also start saving up 900 gold for a mount.  Gold drops are reduced on GR so maybe wait.  Next comes an actual campaign.

Youll be XPing in zones where you can be killed by the enemy but just don’t carry anything you absolutely can’t afford to lose.  Your gear you’ve equipped is safe.

At 16 id personally stock up on bandages and find a rank 6 or 7 war tribe camp close to my temple gate (making it far from enemy) and might even look to run towards one that’s way off on a peninsula or something. Work your way around it pulling slowly, picking off mobs you know you can get slowly.  This will give you gold and other goodies.  If this proves too difficult you can ask in zone chat for a leveling group or find something easier to kill like pack pigs etc.


Even if you don’t want to join a guild, myself and many others would be more than willing to help you out, questions or combat.  Forum names = IGNs.

If you decide to join a guild, life will get much easier, much faster, you’ll learn the game at lightning speed and quickly get yourself ready to participate in siege battles - which is the true brilliance of this game.

Welcome to Crowfall!


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1) Rank 5 mobs now give XP all the way to level 30 (on a common vessel), though at some point they only give 25 per kill and at after level 26, they only give 12 per kill, so you might want to go to a campaign and kill higher ranked mobs instead. Working in a group will be faster since everyone in the group will get full XP for each kill. Collecting the lore fragments from war tribes and combining them into sacrifice items can help too. I'm not sure how well they are dropping on God's Reach, but rank 8 elite or better drop them consistently. I think elites drop 1 fragment each while captains drop 4 each. Group and raid bosses would obviously drop more.

2) Yes, it is viable to join a campaign at any level. Again, being in a group helps. Make use of the local banks often so that if you do get killed, you won't lose as much.

3) It depends on what crafting you want to do. There are some things in the basic exploration tree at least that you will want to learn for certain crafts. For example, if you are going to be a runemaker, you will probably want to train to get Soul Gems at some point. Soul Gems are required to make special tools that can be used to harvest souls of exploration and soul essences, used to make exotic exploration disciplines like Villein, Foreman, Lookout, etc. If you are going to be a jewelcrafter, you might want to be able to harvest cutting grit and blood. You'll also want gems, which you would train for in the excavation tree. Or minerals, if you want to be a necromancer.

Just starting out, I would work on leveling my vessel, getting advanced gear and focusing my skill training on one specific thing. Figure out what you want to be good at, what your niche is going to be, and target your training toward that. I would also join a guild and find my niche within the guild. Having a support structure of other players who can provide you with the things you lack is really important. Eventually, the economy will be able to provide many of those things, but it's better to have an organized group making sure that all the bases are covered.

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