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There is a section on the map that kills my character by just being their.

I cannot see any animals, monsters, other players

It is simple wilderness.

I approach the area and die.

Problem is my character has left a fair bit of gear from the session.

Any ideas?

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3 minutes ago, C3rtified said:

It looks like if you linger too long near an opposing Rune Gate you get one minuscule warning then a few seconds late you get zapped.

The warning should be more obvious.


It took three attempts to understand this insanity.

Good find. Please make sure to also post it in the current playtest feedback thread to raise the visibility for the devs. Otherwise it may go by unnoticed (this here is more some kind of players-help-players subforum).


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there have been random death spots previously that werent gates, the most notable being everywhere west of one of the keeps in the first gods reach campaign


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