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Alchemy: Potions Update

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Currently using different materials (powdered animal bones) to make a potion has no effect on duration or strength. My suggestion is to do just that. Give the poor/common the base we have now and from that base increase the effects by using better quality materials.

So a rough suggestion looks like this:

If I use green bones lets have 35 min duration
Blue 40 min duration
Epic 50 min duration and +Grave Dig/Mining/Gem and Mineral/Skinning
Legendary 60 min duration and ++ All Effects

This way Alchemy potions have a reason to use higher level materials.

Not sure how to tag Val the game Dev who works on this stuff, but I hope she sees this post.


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Higher quality materials should create *harder to assemble* potions that allow you to *experiment for additional effects*

Alchemy does not need more freebies. Alchemy needs more uses for its assembly and experimentation stats. I'm going to stick with noncombat effects as our recent alchemy stream said alchemy will be limited to noncombat effects until combat balance is finalized.

Off the top of my head:

  • All harvesting potions should have experimentation lines for plentiful harvest chance, tool decay reduction, and weak spot chance. Everything a tool can do, a potion should also be able to do.
  • Advanced dust potion with a base 5% dust chance in addition to the above experimentation lines, made from advanced materials. It is ridiculous that I have a bank full of real materials and need to go farm slag, cobble, and knotwood to make dust potions when I'm a master alchemist.
  • Gem/Mineral potions should have an experiment line for their drop chances.
  • Slaying potions: For additional damage reduction and damage application to various mob types (ex. boar meat, mushrooms, dust, and flask for "potion of Boar slaying" or Metal+relic+water+flask for "Potion of Urgu Slaying" Experiment lines for damage/resistance.
  • Potion of Restoration: All-in one bandage and food. Restores health over time and food meter in one item, can extend food buff duration. Requires food+plants+water+flask. Experiment lines for health per tick (to make the HoT shorter than a bandage for the same 3k hp) food restoration, and food buff duration.
  • Tinctures: Non-stacking effects from crafting minors, experiment for number of crafts (a consumable alternative to crafting minors like helper monkey)
  • Move the crafting buffs from the current crafting disciplines over to potions, expecting people to take majors for stat buffs now that recipies are free is bad.
  • Noxious Philter: Belt slot equipment - Releases poison cloud on death. Experiment for durability. Druids may not equip such an unnatural thing. Grants other classes access to a "death bomb" style effect similar to druids.
  • Universal Solvent: Used in "Dissolve Item" and "Acidic Arrow" recipes.
  • Dissolve item: Uses universal solvent and any item to convert that item to stackable xp dust of the appropriate rarity for sacrifice purposes. Allows stacking of large amounts of banked sacrifice xp without tearing up bank space. Is a more granular and marketable commodity.
  • Acidic Arrows: Flask+arrow shafts+Universal Solvent, Allows creation of acid filled vial tipped arrows that deal siege damage. There is no acid quiver. Enables backline classes to participate in knocking down walls with weapons, or for players that can take bow discs a way to spec in to ranged siege damage.


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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