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Day in the Life of a Roamer

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#warstories @Pann

So there I was, traveling across the Indolis Gorge when I spot an Order Outpost. I decide I don't quite like Order owning that outpost, so I go killing the guards and start taking the Outpost for Chaos. Just as I start doing that, a Balance Templar named Teilen loads into the world. Caught off guard and thinking he was going to attack me, I strike first and rush at him. I obviously caught him off guard too, because he started running as soon as I rushed him. He soon decided that that was a fruitless effort and turned to attack me. The fight didn't last long. Teilen had no armor and his Divine Light could not heal through the traps at placed at his feet and soon died. I pulled out my axe preparing to take his head as a trophy when he then releases, denying me a prize. I peruse through his cairn to see what he had left. I decide to take his wood and collect an Apple Tax. I then go back to taking the Outpost. I decide to do some inventory management as I wait when Xaameth, an Order Assassin, comes to defend their Outpost. He attacked from behind and caught me with my pants down, but his element of surprise didn't last long. I quickly turn the tables on him, stacking my traps at his feet and hitting him several crits. Xaameth sees this fight is lost and tries to run, but I wasn't having any of that. I charge at his fleeing self and pull out my bow. With one arrow, I shoot him in his back and down him then and there. But, by the time I pull out my Executioner's Axe again, Xaameth had already released, denying me yet again another prize. He traveled light and didn't have much on him. I took his carrot juice and went back to taking that Outpost. Nothing else eventful happened as I took the outpost, and once I had taken it for Chaos, I left on my merry way. Just another day in the life of a Roamer.


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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