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Game Won't Load


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I have not been able to load the game since getting home from work last night, Friday 5-24.1) I click Run As Administrator.2) I click Yes when it says, do you want this device to make changes to your computer. Last night, I would at get to the log-in page.3) Once I entered my login info, I would get the blue Windows Wheel of Death(as I like to call it). It would literally run for 10-15 minutes and never load the game. The night before and previous nights, it might take a minute or tow, but I could log into the game. (I could use both Test and Live servers). This morning, once i got to step 2) the program times out. "Timeout waiting for window to load." I finally have a long weekend-4.5 days off-and I can't freaking play the game. Any assistance would be really helpful. 

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