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New Player! Required HELP

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Hey! I've recently joined the game and have been farming around on my own for a while. I'm really impressed by the Amazing amount of choices the game gives you, creating an actual weapon has never felt more "Real" than this in an MMORPG. I mean, actually depending on my skills and on the materials I get, the stuff I makes is better or worse. I love this. Toh there is 1 issue I'm currently dealing with: Finding a path to follow.

I do not know if I missed something or if I'm currently not understanding, I've been roaming around the faction temple for a while and there are some things I didn't understand:

1) Is it normal I can't sell items to merchants? My balance is sad and just by killing village monsters it takes a lot to gain certain amounts of gold. I know I should be able to farm to easly obtain materials and Create stuff on my own, but then wont the NPCs be meaningless?

2) I learned that I need to create a "Mount" item to run faster, but following online guides doesn't help, because the Mount isn't anymore where it was before. Since buying it for 500 gold is taking me a lot, isn't there a fastest way to do this?

3)Is it normal that I haven't made a single Discipline gem yet? I saw some being sold at the NPC, but always same issue with gold. How do I create them? I mean, just today I learned that the stonemasonry is WAY too usefull, but I feel like I haven't even taken the "Noob stuff" that I usually get at gamestart. 

4)Is it normal also that whenever I join the game I get a new longsword and a new shield? Kinda annoying now


Sorry for all this stuff, I hope someone is able to fill the holes I have left in my path ><

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1) There are no merchants that will buy stuff. In the future, they plan to enable player run vendors to have buy orders, but there's no intention to have game run NPCs that give you gold for your junk, like in other games. You can, however, sacrifice your junk for XP (depending on your level and the quality of the item). 

The vendors that sell resources are there as a fall back, but you really don't want to use them. It's much easier to get resources by harvesting them yourself, particularly now while it is spring and you get harvesting bonuses.

2) Currently, there are only 2 mounts in the game. The pack pig can be purchased for 900 gold from the vendor. The swift pack pig, which I believe requires the pack pick to make, is a recipe that drops from raid bosses, I think. I wouldn't worry about that right now.

3) Disciplines are a little bit in flux right now. You can buy some disciplines from the vendors. For the rest, you have to acquire the appropriate soul and soul essences. The exploration souls (for harvesting disciplines like Villein, Lookout, etc.) and soul essences come from harvesting rank 6+ nodes, but you need special harvesting tools to have a chance to get them. In order to craft those special tools, you need the Runemaking Techniques minor discipline. Minor disciplines, other than the ones sold on the vendor, are all drops from war tribe mobs. I think they only drop from Elite and above war tribes. At least, I've never seen one drop from a minion. Group bosses are guaranteed to drop 1 minor. Raid bosses drop more. Captains and Elites can drop them also.

Combat souls (which are used to make combat major disciplines) come from ancient mobs (spiders, wolves, etc.). I think there is a chance for them to drop from regular mobs too, but it's a low chance, and in either case I think the mob has to be rank 6 or higher. In the future, we will have to capture thralls, which will only appear at night, to get these souls.

4) Whenever you log into God's Reach or a Campaign for the first time, you get a set of starter weapons. If you are switching between the different worlds, you will get a new set each time you switch. If you have extra that you don't need, just destroy them by dragging them out of your inventory.

If you are playing in God's Reach, you will get less gold, resources and item drops. The mobs and resources in God's Reach only go up to rank 5, and mobs have less gold than what you'll find in the campaigns. War tribes mobs in the campaigns drop a decent amount of gold. The tougher the mobs, the more they drop.

I would suggest finding a guild. You aren't going to be able to do everything yourself in this game and the economy isn't robust enough right now that you can buy the stuff you need. Having a support structure where you can pool resources and efforts really helps.

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On 5/25/2019 at 4:38 PM, Arkade said:

1) There are no merchants that will buy stuff.

There are now vendors on the test server that will buy stuff for gold.

It was something they originally said they wouldn't have, but I guess they decided that it was needed after all.

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