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[LFG] Experienced Newcomer

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Greetings all. I just backed the game and come from a long background of MMO experience. I am looking for a guild that is casual and friendly. This seems to be a diamond in the rough and somehow I have missed it over the years.

MMO Background:

I have played since 2004 starting with WoW but soon switched to LOTRO. I found my true love there playing the classes captains, guardians and loremasters. From there I jumped from Guld Wars to Star Wars ending my MMO gaming around 2016. I then went back to FPS and strategy games. 

Looking for?

I am looking for a casual friendly guild. I have been apart of small, and large guilds but it is never the size of the guild that matters but rather how it is used if you now what I mean ;) I am a fan of being part of a team accomplishing a task and most of this comes from my background. I have no decided on a class or race or even fraction. I think I am leaning balanced or order though. It will all be erased soon anyway right?

I have discord and of course headset. I enjoy just playing around having a good time.


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