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02/23/15 - Today, And Tomorrow


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As I write this, less than 24 hours remains on the countdown timer at crowfall.com


We want to thank all of you, both here on the forums and elsewhere, for playing the game of “rampant speculation” with us.   We hope you enjoyed the process as much as we did.


The last two months has been enormously helpful -- more than we even expected!  You helped us refine our vision, taught us more about what you want, and came together as a community.  Crowfall is more than just a game; it is a statement of purpose.  A common belief that we could do something different in the MMO genre. 


We knew from the beginning that this game would not be for everyone.  In that light, we want to thank all of you: those who stuck with us, and those who did not.  We are looking for players who want a more intense, visceral experience... and our bet was that there would be enough of you out there to support this game.  


Tomorrow, we will start to see if we were correct. 


How did it go?


We launched the Play2Crush teaser site on December 22.  In the two months since, we attracted: 


                500,000+ web sessions

                180,000+ unique web visitors

                  42,000+ unique visitors last week

                         only 53% of visitors are from US/Canada/UK (which means we have a huge overseas following)

                  50,000+ web sign-ups

                  17,000+ forum members

                  62,000+ posts


Will that be enough?  We certainly hope so!


What happens next?


Tomorrow morning at 8AM CST, the countdown timer on crowfall.com will expire, and several things will happen:

  1. We will drop the final pieces of the puzzle.  You have most of the information already, but last few pieces will tie everything together.  We will also be including a lot of pre-alpha game footage, so you can see Crowfall is more than just design documents and concept art. 

  2. Taken as a whole, the website should give you a strong sense of our game vision... more than enough for you to decide if Crowfall is the right game for you.  We won’t have answers for every detail, because this game is still in development.  The rest will come into focus as we work with you, our audience, to build this game. 

  3. We want your input, your ideas, and your passion.  The discussion on exactly how Crowfall will be implemented will continue on our forums.  You can expect us to be VERY active, through development to launch (and beyond!)

  4. We also need your financial support.  Three weeks ago, we announced our intention to crowdfund this game.  Our kickstarter campaign begins tomorrow morning-- at 9am EST/6am PST.  We sincerely hope that you will support Crowfall, and let us build this game for you! 


Now for more details:


WHERE: the information will appear tomorrow morning on crowfall.com.  More details will also be released on several major game news sites.  These interviews, articles and stories will be linked directly from our site. 

WHEN: tomorrow morning and through the course of the day.  


IMPORTANT: there will be some limited tiers available for our "core following", i.e. the people who spend the most time on (and have been the most vocal on) our forums.  We know you guys will be the first to see the campaign -- as an FYI, backing early could pay off! 


As a final favor: if you like Crowfall, you can help make our campaign successful by helping us get the word out.  Kickstarter projects with early momentum get a lot more attention (both from the Kickstarter community, and with the press!) so...


- If you are going to back us, the sooner the better! 


- Please consider sharing us with anyone that you think might be interested in joining our community as a backer.


We have a great start on building our Crowfall community -- and with your help, we can make it even better.   Our goal for the last two month was to show you two things: one, that we are passionate about this game, and two, that want you to be a part this process.  We hope this is the beginning of a great, on-going relationship where we build the Crowfall experience together.


We appreciate your time and interest, even if you choose not to back us.  We are a small, experienced team with a ton of passion and a clear vision.  All we need is your help.


From Todd, myself and all the team here at ArtCraft Entertainment, thank you for engaging with us in our quest to make Crowfall a reality!


Gordon Walton

Gordon Walton, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook


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Can we band together and get a Reddit post to front page for tomorrow morning?



Edit: May have jumped the gun, it is still a few hours off, but here is the Reddit thread I created:







Let's get this to the front page by tomorrow morning!

Edited by Figmentx
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So excited! I've been keeping on eye on this since, i dunno like end of december, start of january. And you guys blown my mind away, I felt a wind of change blow when I read your play2crush small text. You are going to get real far I promise it, and you guys deserve it. 

Edited by samosaara
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Thanks for the game of rampant speculation. It's my first. Thanks for eventually loosening the grip on the ban hammer. Not a gif in the world to show my excitement. I'm PST looks like i'll be up at 5:45am tomorrow!

Edited by headlight
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I will be waking up at 5:55 tomorrow morning to (try to) ensure a limited KS pledge.


Also, thank you for the info regarding where to find all that we need to know about the game, and what to expect as far as crowdfunding goes.

Edited by rhone
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I am very excited indeed! What kind of incentives will we be seeing tomorrow on the Kickstarter campaigns? Does the kickstarter campaign affect the order of beta group admission as well?





Kickstarter can give you access to better than beta...... the all mighty alpha

Edited by oberon
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