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02/23/15 - Today, And Tomorrow

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As I write this, less than 24 hours remains on the countdown timer at crowfall.com   We want to thank all of you, both here on the forums and elsewhere, for playing the game of “rampant speculation

Anyone signed up gets a jump, not just people that post.  I could have worded that better.  We'll drop an email to everyone who registered as the site goes live.  You guys here know what's going on no

Tomorrow's my birthday but I won't get to see any of the crowfall stuff til 10:50-ish cause of school.  Curses!

Are you sure you're okay?  You look like you're coming down with something.  Maybe a case of the crow flu?

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Are we thinking all the pledges will be sold out by end of day tomorrow?

Lol, i bet no.


And  really hope that Crowfall will have a sub 500k funding. 



500k + for funding is too risky. 


Lets just remember:




They can ''try'' this kind of funding..but its toooo risky. 

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Well mmos are not cheap to make so I would be worried about anything less then $500k.


I am not sure what would be a safe number, but closer to a million for sure.


Unless the kickstarter is a way to appraise interest levels so they can use it to get further funds from a investor.

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Just found this on reddit and truly i am sorry i didnt see it sooner to support it more, the graphics look really nice and i am hoping the change major stuff to the mmo aspect but i havent read everything on this site yet so i should get to that


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