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02/23/15 - Today, And Tomorrow

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So as I can work out this is what I will be getting being  Sapphire patron.


Forum Badge Sapphire

Avatar Frame Sapphire

Digital and Physical Copy of the game (Collectors Edition)

Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Beta 1 and Beta 2 Access

Sapphire Patron Credits

Digital Soundtrack

Digital Artbook

VIP Membership for 6 Years ( Holy crap )

Arcane Recipe Set

Reserve Character Name

Reserve Guild Name

Extra Guild Heraldry Colors and Symbols

Gold Statue for my Kingdom

6 Character Slots in total

A Small Castle for my Kingdom

10 Tax Free Parcels of land

2 Cottages

1 Villa

A Divine Cathedral

Bank-size +20%

Name a Fallen Hero and Monarch

Name a Location



Hooooly Crap guys this is amaze-balls.


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As I write this, less than 24 hours remains on the countdown timer at crowfall.com   We want to thank all of you, both here on the forums and elsewhere, for playing the game of “rampant speculation

Anyone signed up gets a jump, not just people that post.  I could have worded that better.  We'll drop an email to everyone who registered as the site goes live.  You guys here know what's going on no

No, you can only change the pledge. 


Ah, ok this makes sense now that I think about it.  You don't charged until the end of the campaign anyway.  So by changing the pledge, you are just changing what you will be charged at the end of the campaign.

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Eternal Kingdoms suck so much ***.

You take a castle for 43545$, you take a keep for 45450$, you take a cottage for 3040$! Jeez, this isn't Trammel, it's Trammel 2.0


I basically preordered the game for 30$, hoping for DREGS/SHADOW shards..

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Ah, ok this makes sense now that I think about it.  You don't charged until the end of the campaign anyway.  So by changing the pledge, you are just changing what you will be charged at the end of the campaign.



That is sad for me.


I'll need to upload a Visa Travel to pay my pledge, lol.

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Shameless staff bait here, paging Thomas Blair to this thread...."we" want to know what the deal is with your hand action in the video (1:35).





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I just backed at the lowest tier, for now. Have not been following this for long, but am quite weary of KS/early backing as of recent ... due to how horrible most developers seem to run things. I have heard it all before, and been part of it all before.


I also hope that the beta/alphas are taken a little more seriously, besides who has just paid the most money. There are good beta/alpha testers, and there are bad ones, and it has nothing to do with the amount pledged towards the game. I am tired of seeing games change so dramatically from when I pledge, to when it is released, so I am not coughing up 200+ bucks up front like I have in the past.


Can't wait to see how this progresses, it looks like a ton of fun and something actually revolutionary in gaming. Getting flashbacks to my DAoC, WAR and Shadowbane days already ;)

Vidrak - Member of


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From my communities past experience with supporting crowdfunded / crowdforged games I am sure we will have some wary folk who have recently been burned. I am hoping it will be less since it is being presented by experienced developers (plural) and not a single developer or even worse someone from a game marketing background.


I have said it here in the past, but I still think a lot of it will come down to how everything is presented. Pax folk are especially suspicious of market buzz words like Minimum Viable Product, Dynamic Player Interaction, Arbitrary, Capricious, Crowdforging, etc being coughed out with little context. Minimum Viable Product as an indicator of a game's ability to start asking for player revenue is an especially strong red flag. The price point of the donations will likely matter as well, and what they give you once the game environment is available. I know I will be looking critically for large pay walls that could dish out true pay to win scenarios (and not pay to slight advantage).  


I know our officer core will be likely promoting this game as we can in our community, as long as there is nothing that signals more of the same KS MMO behaviors. I am especially glad you desire informed backers, and I hope this remains true. While we will be presenting the information to interested members, the hard push for backing a crowdfunded title as an "All In Hype Train" is a lesson we have unfortunately learned the hard way. 


I am very much looking forward to the expiration of the countdown timer. Mechanically I think this is exactly the sandbox our fantasy fans tired of Eve are looking for. All that is left is seeing how everything is presented and the level of confidence it can generate. 


I imagine this is a nervous and exciting time for Artcraft. Make sure to take the time to crack open a beer, pour a glass of wine, and celebrate this idea you folk are so excited about. The vehicle you have chosen to present the idea is a crowded platform now, but that does not mean it is a dead one. All gaming clans and organizations have been waiting for is someone to jump into the scene with integrity. I suspect and dearly hope our wait for such a MMO company is over. 



Alright Artcraft, every single concern I had for my community has been obliterated. Great KS release and good choice on the price options. 



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