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Arcana Scrolls: Where to get/craft?

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The captains drop them too, and can be soloed by most or all classes, though they aren't a guaranteed drop.

Different war tribes drop different ones. I have a ton of horseshoes and the Rune-Forged Compendiums (swords, maces and axes), but I don't have the 186 steps book, which is required to make the subcomponents. 

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On 6/8/2019 at 10:49 AM, MiroAIIB said:

Which race drops which scroll and do the bosses have to be on a certain lvl or do you can also get Scrolls at the Temple Starter world?

I doubt you'll see any drop from the lower rank ones. You could try killing a rank 2/3 raid boss and see what he drops. If he doesn't drop anything good, then I wouldn't bother farming those guys. It seems like all of the important drops are from rank 6 and above so that people can't get them in God's Reach, which is limited to rank 5 and below.

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apologies to necropost, but I'm new to crowfall and leveling my first toon (centaur champ) and am interested in some horseshoes.  I see where acrana scroll blueprints drop above, but how about the mats?  Is that leather scroll case something I will be crafting at higher levels too?




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The leather scroll case is a minor rune that your Blacksmith will need to equip in order to use the horseshoe recipe.  Common quality scroll case minors can be purchased in the temple from the discipline rune vendor.  Higher qualities will need to be looted from war tribe npc's in the campaigns.

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