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Improving UI - Official discussion thread

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Nice changes for the lobby.

Now if you could get rid of that awful list of buffs/debuffs in the top right, give us better indications of when our buffs are active / ending (the cc-immune shader is about the only thing you do well in that regard), and put the enemy buff/debuff info over the enemy's head, you'd be getting somewhere.

I'm not asking for WoW-level UI modification options, but something better than what we were using in 2003 would be nice.


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12 minutes ago, Surelia said:

wow, looks really nice.


Would be awesome to be able to rename your Vessels, seems like there is an option for it?

That's usually what a pencil box means (seen in the article images) and I for one will be very happy with that change. 

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Our user interface journey in the Lobby will spill into the HUD and in-game menus soon.Your feedback will be instrumental in helping us to identify what’s working well for you from a usability standpoint and how we can make further improvements. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the forum!

While the lobby UI improvements look great I'm much more excited about HUD improvements.

I quite liked the Darkfall Unholy Wars UI. DFUW was an action combat MMORPG with massive sieges and it required a less intrusive UI and I think Crowfall could benefit greatly from this approach. 

I would prefer to only get faction/guild crest above player heads and do away with the gigantic red names and hitpoint bars and give this information along with buffs/debuffs in a HUD when you mouse over a target. 

I also think the HUD/UI in Crowfall is a big source of performance issues and FPS drops. Lots of players report significant FPS increases when they turn the UI off. This video shows a good example of that lag: https://youtu.be/IaUH4sbfFLg


Screenshot from a siege involving a total of around 250 players below. Video screenshot was taken from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpc3WMuDkJc


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21 minutes ago, Durenthal said:

Now if you could get rid of that awful list of buffs/debuffs in the top right, give us better indications of when our buffs are active / ending

I like the buffs/debuffs top right, for the timer on when things run out... use it a lot.

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you should also remove the chat window in the lobby. very few people are sitting in lobby chatting away.


Clearly locked vessel entries are restricted content only for the use of VIP backers.

This is news to me. I thought these were going to be bought, not VIP perks.


also, dat Mintoaur Frostweaver tease!

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if you read the forums and see the current state of the game.. UI improvments are REALLY low on the list of things that need to be addressed.

I hope Thursday's update will be something addressing--Any of the following


1)Gating character progress behind rare drops of rare spawns(goggles/ hammer/shard tool)

2) making cash valuable again by allowing any Vessel  to level with it.

3)  increasing gear durability ( i heard this was tweaked on test!!)

4) Increasing discipline availability( I heard this was tweaked on test!!)



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@nblottie Great stuff, really looking nicer and so much cleaner than before, i like it, you have done an amazing work there

Way to go for the next part ingame hud :) 

Oh and confirmed Frostweaver is still a thing 🤣



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