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Gaea's Wail

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I am very sorry about this, but reading all the responses I wasn't very clear about it since I didn't find anything up to date in the Bug Reports either.

Ashes over my Head ❤️

I just like the Skill description and leaves room for melee builds with disciplines aswell. indeed it is meant to be a filler for druids in between cooldowns of your prefered build.

Too bad it is not working. I still stick to wood elf druid 😃

Edited by bashboonx
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On 10/8/2020 at 2:46 PM, veeshan said:

I feel there just gonna remove the skill from the game instead of fix it when 6.2 come around hahaha :P never worked for years now hahaha

Removing such things would be better then leaving them in, taking up a talent point or discipline power spot.

Find it funny that tab target games were able to pull off these types of spells back in the early 2000s but a modern "action" combat game using a reticle to pretend aiming matters can't manage to. Full soft lock targeting or a hybrid tab system would of likely allowed them make combat/powers a lot better overall.



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