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the game was too grindy and then made it more grindy- RNGx3

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On 6/8/2019 at 12:25 PM, miraluna said:

The testers do have value, however, ACE has said many times during development that not everyone wants to see the “sausage being made”. If you get frustrated by a build because of bugs, balance issues, or missing/incomplete features then give your feedback and take a break until the next patch.

While I agree with your point in principle, I think a major issue here is that ACE has been marketing this buggy, unbalanced and incomplete pre-alpha test as something fun and exciting for people to buy into so they can drive sales (war stories, videos, social media, trials with rewards, etc.). I partially don't blame them, because I know it costs money to keep the lights running and monthly pledges is a decent chunk of their flow of revenue. On the other hand it creates this very awkward situation where they're trying to sell a fun #warstory experience when in fact it's an incomplete and rough pre-alpha test. It's even worse than many early access games on Steam. So I guess the devs need to decide whether they want to make this pre-alpha test a fun and enjoyable experience, in which case they should keep all the experimental, incomplete and hassle features for Test and keep Live as streamlined and fun as humanly possible for the trials and the war stories. Or they just dump this whole marketing thing and focus on what it is: a pre-alpha. 


On 6/8/2019 at 3:28 PM, Ussiah said:

I hate this mentality of "just dont play"

I see it from so many who have made that choice. I seriously am starting to believe they'd rather just run us all off from trying to play the game, if they want that just have us test(and fix what we state is broken) and stop doing campaigns with rewards.

@APEis perfectly reasonable with what he is saying. ACE has tried to have us both "play" and "test" yet by doing both they really aren't supporting either in a coordinated way.

If they want us to be able to "play" then they should understand criticism of how the game currently plays and maybe the people who say "just dont play" can stop criticizing us for wanting to be able to.

If they want us to "test" they should give us all the tools to test without the grind and listen to our feedback/fix what is majorly broken before going on.


I completely agree with you. And I'm one of those who chose to not play it for now. 



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On 6/7/2019 at 5:04 PM, ZYBAK said:

I'm not really sure why people are so bent out of shape on this. In the future there are going to be more than 1 mob that drops disciplines and in general they will be easier to acquire. It's just another temporary pain-point that sucks at the current moment.

Also people need to keep in mind that this is an MMO we are going to be playing long term. Achieving peak character loadouts needs to be something that takes time otherwise people will get everything and get bored. They made getting a competitive character pretty easy, you're going to have to put in some time to get the extra stats.

TLDR: Temporary pain. I'm not bothering trying to min-max the hell out of the game right now because I know it's painful. It's going to change. 

A bit late of a reply, but that's nothing wrong with "Achieving peak character loadouts" quickly. All of the top "PvP" games like shooters (siege, Overwatch) and stuff like MOBAs (league of legends, Dota) have a flat power curve (you start peak) or a insanely shallow one (you peak with 30 min to an hour in a MOBA usually), yet the game's still fun as hell to play.

These games are already far more limited in space and diversity than Crowfall, as your build possibilities are more limited and the set of maps/regions/territory is usually limited. Yet people still love them. One of my favorite PvP MMO forays was Guild Wars 2, which, despite having a custardton other problems, let you hop into structured PVP with access to all abilities and the same stat sets as everyone else.

It may sound crazy, but some people just like playing for fun, for blood and glory. I just want good PvP fights.

At this point I'd rather prefer it being easy to make a peak-combat character, letting skill cover the rest, and putting the gameplay in a good metagame through strong, interesting objectives. Everything else should be important but secondary, imo. They seem to be going this direction with recent changes (more forgiving hunger, randamo loot), which I guess is a good thing. They just need to actually make it work.

You really shouldn't spend more time "making" a "viable" character (not fully peak but competitive) than you do actually using it to PvP in a freaking PvP game. That's why I don't understand BDO PvPers who literally spend all day grinding just to remain relevant in PvP.

Not my game, that's for sure.

Wearily do I sleep eternity away.

Without fear or haste, on bedding made of solitude and silence.


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