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Skill trees

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If you mean Passive Training, they removed training for race and class.

Now you level a character (vessel) from 1-30. Along the way you unlock points to train base stats and Talents.

You should see a window that looks like the Passive Training windows but has all the class skills to unlock. This is why characters start with only a couple powers now.

Passive Training is now only for Combat (Weapons/Armor) and Harvesting/Crafting lines.

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On 6/10/2019 at 7:33 PM, Omen said:

^ yup.... IMO it was one of the worst changes to the game yet ;(

I think it has potential, they just need to rework the active ability trees some more; Make them more relevant, and add only specialized class skills behind the skill tree instead of some of the "basic" moves. 

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The game requires to have at least PDF manual guide to know how to use the UI and keyboard shortcut. So players not have to search for it . Manual only will have couple of screen shots show how to interact with UI . It is just 1 hr work effort and publish it only .

Attachment example from other game, I hope developer will make it.

Alpha Manual Example

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