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More cohesion and flexibility to the talent & skill tree

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Hey to the crowfall team,


Before making some suggestions, I like some recent changes made to the game especially :

- Faster swing animations on switching between combat, harvesting, range, sneak mode. Ty for that !

- The ability to sell items at shops.

- The Talent tree system.

- The cooking system adds some fun.

- The graphics work of crowfall, i think that the graphic team found the nice balance between a cartoonish / realistic mood.

- The Armor mod that went to a resist based instead of a health bonus system.


These are some suggestions about :

The talent tree :

It would be fun to have a more cohesive design in the talent tree. At this time, we need to put a lot of points where we don't want, because of a very linear talent tree. But why? If you remember the sb system, you were increasing your main skill (for example, the beastcraft skill on a ranger) and that triggered the unlock of powers. So you could train the power you wanted https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Ranger_Powers) (https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Ranger). You didn't need to spend points where you didn't want. This was a strong & solid design system. The sb system allowed a lot of flexibility and customization deepness. The actual crowfall system gives the impression of an inferior design. Of course, some choices break some parts of the tree (the subclass choice), and its a good thing. 

So how can we improve the talent tree ? simply instead of a linear talent tree with long branches, just unlock powers you can train on leveling, not by clicking on a linear branch path. Keep the branches only where it makes sense (subclass choice for example). 


The skill tree

Same complaint can be made for the skill tree. There are some repetitive paths and trains (for example 3 weapons decay rate randomly put on the tree). And we need to train a lot of powers we simply don't need or want to focus. Branches simply don't give an impression of cohesion.

So how can we improve the skill tree? simply cut the branches, because they bring no logical only side effects. Keep the branches only where it makes sense. Unlock all powers of a node (ex : Melee node) at the same time, so we can train only the one we want. You can make some branch dependencies but it would have sense. 


I think that these design issues are serious and recurrent. All main ideas are here, but they need to be more polished. You would understand that is important for a player to have a nice amount of control on his character building. A player should feel a sense of liberty of testing and promote a build. The character building is the main game core. I would not play a game if i have the feel of following some rigid paths. Games that have success (GTA series, Red dead redemp. league of legends, Dota...) gives a great feel of liberty and customization options. I don't want to overwhelm but some complaints can be made too about the very limited choice of weapon types for each class (see my previous suggestion post). I'm happy that the game is still on Pre-alpha and i would keep some good hope for the next versions.


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I think a big improvement to the talent tree would be the ability to reset. Would prevent us from needing to spend a ton of time making new vessels solely to try another subclass or slight different spread of points, since by level 30 you can get most but not all perks.

If anything would make testing easier, I can see why maybe for actual gameplay why they wouldn't want to make it easy to switch, but whats the harm during testing phases?

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I just think the whole thing need to be revamped a little more.

Class splits should come much earliers and have more unique skills behind the classes making them feel alot more unique.

Class passive should be automaticly applied not require a passive slot (they could actually make a class disapline that grants bonuses and they get upgraded to a new class discipline when u get to the class split.

With the class split being moved ahead it means they could add a further teir of classes later on for advance class if they so choose to further different an archtype.

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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