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Duelist skills still buged

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I wouldn’t hold your breath... I’ve yet to even see them acknowledge that there is an issue. Currently I think the occasional double hit is the only thing they consider an issue. 

Its really bad in pve (worst it has been in my playtime). Not so much in PvP. Every class is broken, seems like a minor concern to get the class skills they do have working. Gotta keep that carrot (frost weaver) dangled our there. 

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It´s jsut annoying at this point. The PIP system is just broke, making all the duelist abilities freee whenever they want and sometimes for more than 5 min. Some of this skills are core abilities like Impale and the incocivable.  Making it imposible to use Impale sometimes for more than 5 min.

I mean we have been reporting this bug for months now.. and yetno response or fix whatsoever.

If they ar not going to fix it, or intend to fix, the should just delete the class at this point. it´s just frustrating to test a game and have your bug reports ignored for months

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They have no control over they’re own game.  At this point I’m fairly certain they’ve no idea what’s the cause for the many broken abilities and certainly no idea how to fix them.  At least, that’s what their actions say.

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